PlanLab Platform Highlights

PlanLab is our suite of analytical, monthly cash-flow analysis tools. Offering unmatched, sophisticated calculation engines, with behind-the-scenes Probability of Success®. Each tool contains comprehensive and motivating, leave-behind, detailed presentations for clients.

PlanLab is ideal for more detailed, comprehensive financial planning and a natural transition from our PlanFacts platform.

Generate more realistic plans

Monthly cash flow in PlanLab lets you plan more realistically. Locate sources of funding – another way the system helps you balance your clients’ needs and desired lifestyles.

Streamline your planning, have more time with clients

When navigation is a breeze, you can devote more time to clients. Moving around in PlanLab is easy. And since intuitive features like our “event” architecture help you enter data in the natural way your clients talk, you can stop searching for dates and get out from behind the computer.

Educate and motivate your clients

Powerful printed presentations allow your clients’ needs to surface without “pushing.” But product-neutral doesn’t have to mean sales-neutral. PlanLab printed presentations use graphics and text to educate and motivate clients. Plus, planning overviews allow them to get to the bottom line quickly. When clients see their needs communicated effectively, decisions come easily.

Generate, view “what ifs” side by side

Scenario Creation in PlanLab is designed to help you imagine possibilities for your clients without worrying that you’ll mess up their current situation. Then, once you’ve tried out all your ideas, you can compare any of them side-by-side with Scenario Comparison.

Check planning progress at any stage

An instant snapshot of your clients’ finances will help you check the success of their plan at any stage (including scenarios). Spot cash flow failures in years projected, along with the magnitude of the failures, and net worth into the future.

The best way to understand the benefits of the PlanLab is to see it in action. Those who do, usually become true believers. Sign up for a WebEx demonstration today by calling 704-549-1100 ext. 1.