USA Today recently featured an article, “How will you spend your time in retirement?” that discussed using retirement coaches to help maximize the enjoyment of the free time retirement brings. Ready-2-Retire is one of the great tools available to assist that process.

Many retirees and pre-retirees don’t know how they’ll spend their free time after retirement. Ready-2-Retire kick starts the retirement planning process by helping retirees and pre-retirees envision retirement life and create plans to mitigate the risks retirees face.

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WinFlex and PlanFacts together, in real time, shows how the proposed life insurance quote solves the survivor shortfalls and provides protection for the client’s family or business. Creating a personal financial story for the client along with the sales illustration helps the agent close more life sales! The PlanFacts presentation provides easy to understand content with colorful graphs designed for the client to understand why they need life insurance and feel comfortable about the purchase of the product being presented by the agent or advisor.

If you are a BGA, IMO, broker dealer or carrier back office, Impact has available consumer fact finders that the agent can send to their client to complete so that the back office sales specialist can run the illustration and import it into a powerful presentation in PlanFacts, which the agent can then present to their client. For those agents and advisors who use WinFlex and PlanFacts at point of sale, you can quickly and easily import the illustrations. PlanFacts tools are optimized for mobile devices, such as an iPad, with a slick interface designed to engage the client at the point of sale.

Cash Flow Decision

In WinFlex 6.5, you can export an illustration and import it into any of Impact’s PlanFacts tools when you are proposing life insurance. If you are proposing a permanent product like Index Universal Life for example, the premium, death benefit, loans, withdrawals and cash value of the illustration can be quickly imported into any of the PlanFacts tools where you are proposing life insurance. The PlanFacts tools that can import WinFlex illustrations are: Retirement Road Map, Cash Flow Decisions, Qualified Plan Concepts, and Business Succession Planning.

WinFlex 6.5 Illustration Export and Import into PlanFacts—Easy to Setup and Use

Winflex Impact sample

Have your WinFlex administrator or Ebix support turn on the Impact export feature in WinFlex 6.5. You can also contact Impact Product Support at 704-688-4000 or email to

  1. After you calculate the life illustration in WinFlex 6.5, you will see an Impact button next to the illustration PDF on the results Summary screen. See theWinFlex screen above.
  2. Click the Impact button and save the link file on your computer or network.
  3. When you are in PlanFacts tools proposing life insurance, such as Cash Flow Decisions, there will be an option to import the link file. Select Load Illustration from Link File in PlanFacts and then the Import file button to browse to the WinFlex file you saved and select the illustration file. See below.
CFD Import illustration 2

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George C. Van Dusen presenting Ken with the 2016 NAILBA Chairman’s Award.

George C. Van Dusen IV, 2016 Chairman of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA), has selected Ken Leibow, Senior Vice President of Impact Technologies Group, Inc. as the recipient of the 2016 NAILBA Chairman’s Award. The honor was presented this morning at the association’s annual meeting, NAILBA 35, in Dallas, Texas.
The award, created in 2009, was developed to recognize the efforts of a NAILBA volunteer who has performed “over and above” normal expectations during the Chairman’s term.
In presenting the award to Leibow, Van Dusen shared, “[Ken’s] broad and deep understanding of the technology initiatives and solutions necessary to move the brokerage community forward has been demonstrated and well known for many years. Most notable, of course, is his commitment to and passion for the Life Brokerage Technology Committee, an independent working group whose purpose is to exchange information about technology related systems and services related to the marketing, sale, and servicing of insurance in independent distribution channels.”
He continued, explaining, “In addition to his work with the LBTC, he has served as contributor to Perspectives, a liaison and advocate with NAILBA for the LBTC, and in the past year, as a technology consultant to NAILBA’s members-only online community, NAILBA Network,” concluding, “We are delighted to continue working with you and the LBTC on your efforts to improve technology advances in the brokerage community.”

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KLbiopicLeibow’s career spans more than 29 years with an extensive background in distribution technology and back office systems. He previously worked for Genworth Financial, Mutual of Omaha and VP of Operations at Diversified Underwriters Services, Inc. As COO of Integrated Insurance Technologies, Ken built the largest life insurance data exchange hub in the industry, processing over 1 million policies a year and 30 billion dollars of annuities. Innovation in Quoting & Illustration tools, CRMs, Agency Management Systems, eApp platforms, and ePolicy Delivery are some key initiatives implemented by Ken during his career.

Impact has always maintained a start-up mindset with its staff and Leibow knows what it takes to thrive in our environment.

“Impact’s success and longevity is due entirely to the talent and enthusiasm of our staff. Ken’s skills, experience, and energy perfectly complement our team. His deep industry knowledge will help us tap new market opportunities and broaden the market for our existing products and services. I’m excited to have him on board as a member of our senior leadership team,” — Heather Vaartjes, President and COO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

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