A Social Security claiming strategy is not complete unless Social Security benefits are considered within the context of the client’s other retirement cash flow. Cash Flow Decisions provides an easy, effective way to provide that context. Now, with the upcoming release of Cash Flow Decisions, advisors will have an effective tool to demonstrate life insurance as a valuable solution to survivorship needs in retirement as well as the role annuities play in providing security.

“I am always amazed by the brilliance of computer software designers. They can take the most complicated financial planning decisions and reduce them to a one-click — or one-swipe — tool. Social Security claiming decisions have benefitted greatly from such programs.”

— Mary Beth Franklin

That’s a quote from Mary Beth Franklin’s article, “Software evolving beyond Social Security maximization” in InvestmentNews. When the financial engineers at Impact first created their tools for Social Security maximization they immediately realized there was more work to be done. “We invented the best tools available for helping advisors analyze and present Social Security maximization strategies to their clients. Now we’re creating the best technologies to put Social Security in context,” says Heather Vaartjes, Impact’s COO. After over a year of research, design, and engineering, version one of Cash Flow Decisions was released in early August. Now, just two short months later Impact is preparing to release version two.

Often the biggest gap in a client’s retirement income will occur after a spouse dies. The gap is usually bigger the  longer the surviving spouse lives. That’s exactly what life insurance is designed for—to provide for survivors.  Yet, most advisors ignore the value of life insurance in retirement planning. Cash Flow Decisions not only shows the life insurance need to cover survivorship, it will also demonstrate how repositioning assets to acquire life insurance can provide income and survivorship protection.

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Posted October 20, 2015 filed under Articles.