Financial Needs Analysis

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Needs Analysis for Insurance and Investments

One Solution for All Advisors

Successful advisors use Financial Needs Analysis to promote the sale of insurance, investments and other financial products to meet the needs of the middle and emerging-affluent marketplaces. Financial Needs Analysis is ideal for advisors who require flexible data entry with realistic calculations focused on single need, transactional sales.

Present Effective Solutions, Motivate Clients to Action

Each Financial Needs Analysis sales proposal focuses on a client’s most basic needs: insurance planning, education, retirement planning, investment risk assessment, qualified plan distribution planning and estate planning. Each need is tied together using a powerful executive summary for presentation to the client. Each individual need presented in the executive summary is designed to inform and motivate clients, providing advisors what they need to make the sale.

Benefits and Uses

  • Engineered to accurately determine the amount of need and sell a financial solution.
  • Fully evaluates a client’s financial situation without spending a lot of time.
  • Persuasive presentations motivate clients to action without causing objections.
  • Carefully designed, intuitive fact finders capture clients’ details for plans ranging from simple to more comprehensive.
  • Easily model financial “what-ifs” and compare planning scenarios.

The PlanLabĀ® Platform

Financial Needs Analysis, along with the Wealth Planning Suite and Financial Strategies, give advisors the tools they need to address all client needs. In addition, Business Rules and the PlanLab Office System can be added to the PlanLab platform to improve sales and enhance collaboration across the enterprise.

One Solution for All Markets


Analyze Basic Financial Concerns

  • Education
  • Survivor Needs
  • Disability
  • Investment Risk Assessment
  • Retirement
  • Estate Planning
  • Long-Term Care
  • Accumulation Planning
  • Distribution Planning

Present Persuasive Presentations

Financial Needs Analysis presents each financial concern using the perfect blend of analyses and graphics that disturb, inform and motivate clients to action.

Presentations that use visual support (pictures, graphs, etc.) are 43% more persuasive. [1]

[1] Findings by the University of Minnesota and 3M.