Annuity Strategies

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Illustrate the Power of Stretch Annuities

Impact’s Annuity Strategies makes it fast and easy for planners to illustrate stretching out annuity distributions over multiple generations.

Similar in concept to stretch IRAs, stretch annuities allow individuals to spread out distributions for as long as possible, which can provide a family with greater wealth and financial security. This powerful planning concept is popular for clients who have amassed annuities and who now require a distribution strategy.

Win the Business

With Annuity Strategies, creating professional sales presentations that illustrate the annuity stretch concept is fast and simple – and so is winning business. The program makes it easy to educate, disturb and, ultimately, motivate clients to take action.

You can readily compare common distribution approaches and determine the best strategy for tax-deferral, annuity growth, and distribution to heirs.

Easy to Use

Planners can enter client data to provide a quick analysis of the facts through a powerful sales presentation. Planners that are already familiar with Impact’s Qualified Plan Distribution Analysis or Pension Rescue should require no additional software training.

More Sales Opportunities

With Annuity Strategies, planners can increase planning and sales opportunities by offering valuable services to their clients and their clients’ beneficiaries. The program makes it easy to illustrate each of the following planning techniques:

  • Increasing the tax deferral power of annuities through “stretched” distributions.
  • Spreading potential tax liability to beneficiaries over their life expectancies.
  • Providing life insurance that covers any possible transfer costs at an annuitant’s death in order to keep a plan in place.