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    Social Security Pro

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  • Introducing Social Security Pro

    Runs across multiple devices

    Extensively Researched, Patented User Interface

    There’s never been a simpler way to apply the thousands of Social Security rules to your client’s goals.

    1. Touch or click on a start age combination in the interactive grid.
    2. Use the sliders to change assumptions.
    3. With every change of a slider or grid selection, hundreds of calculations are made as the thousands of Social Security rules are applied to compare options, suggest the best filing strategy, and show the lifetime difference.

    Good design sells.

    Social Security Pro’s printed presentation clearly explains and compares filing options. Carefully researched graphs and charts guide your client through options. The professional design keeps your clients engaged and enhances your professionalism.

    Social Security Pro is available for monthly and annual subscription.

    Do you need Breakeven Analysis for Social Security Decisions?

    Breakeven analysis used to be the “the only game in town” for helping your clients make Social Security decisions. But with today’s technology available to crunch thousands of start age scenarios, is breakeven analysis more confusing than useful? Check out Maxey’s article, “Social Security Breakeven Analysis—Almost Obsolete” and decide if you need to retire that game.

    Data Security

    Your PlanLab and PlanFacts data is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed security flaw.
    The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. Impact doesn’t use OpenSSL in our data centers.

    The Monday Mastery Series

    Impact is pleased to announce the Monday Mastery Series, a continuing series of weekly live practice-building programs featuring our leading financial and estate planning software applications.

    The Monday Mastery Series
    Practice-Building Live Webinars for Subscribers

    These weekly 30-minute live webinars are designed to help subscribers jump-start their knowledge and use of our software applications.

    Our inaugural sessions showcase Social Security Explorer and Impact’s Retirement Road Map, two of our best-selling software applications

    The Best of Social Security Explorer

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    Social Security Explorer is our flagship Social Security retirement income planning tool. Released in 2012, it quickly became one of our most popular software applications.

    This session is designed to help advisors jump-start and build their Social Security retirement income planning practice.

    In this session, advisors learn:

    • How to help clients understand their Social Security claiming choices and develop an optimal Social Security retirement income, customized just for them.
    • The features that make Social Security Explorer the best Social Security planning software application in the marketplace, and how to use those features.
    • How Social Security Explorer’s unique and state-of-the-art interactive approach gives advisors a compelling reason for face-to-face meetings with prospects and clients.
    • How to best use Social Security Explorer while prospecting, and in approach talks.
    • How other advisors use Social Security Explorer in their practices.

    The Social Security Explorer practice-building sessions are being held every Monday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time.

    Each session lasts 30 minutes, and advisors will have an opportunity to ask questions. Video recordings of this course will be available.

    The Best of Impact’s Retirement Road Map

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    Impact’s Retirement Road Map is a retirement planning software application that contains the retirement income planning strategies you’d expect from heavy-duty cash flow modeling planning systems, but without all the hassle.

    In this session, advisors learn:

    • How to best use this interactive tool with prospects and clients.
    • That Retirement Road Map is a tool that transforms retirement planning into retirement action.
    • How to show clients that annuities and life insurance can help bolster their retirement income plan.
    • Why Retirement Road Map is a natural follow-up with our Social Security Explorer software application, easily transforming the narrow Social Security planning discussion into a broader conversation about retirement income planning.
    • How other advisors use Retirement Road Map in their practices.

    The Best of Impact’s Retirement Road Map practice-building sessions are held every Monday at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

    Each session lasts 30 minutes, and advisors will have an opportunity to ask questions. Video recordings will be available.

    Patent Issued For Social Security Explorer

    Social Security Explorer

    Today we received the issue notification for patent number D688687. The patented design of  Social Security Explorer resulted from intensive research by team leads Maxey Sanderson and Gretchen Smith. Their initial design was further refined during our development process and field testing. Social Security Explorer is now the easiest way to explore filing options with your clients. The attractive interactive design gives immediate feedback and makes the process enjoyable. All the complicated logic and the exhaustive calculations are reduced to a display clients actually understand and want to explore.

    Currently Social Security Explorer is only available to financial professionals. We’re currently developing products designed to be used by consumers that expand on the patented design with additional interactive educational components to contribute the explanations that a professional would normally provide.

    A 5 minute video tour.